• Steal Hearts with Trendy Dresses!

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    Summers are synonymous with beautiful clothes. It is that time of the year when women look their best and flaunt themselves in trendy women clothing, that includes different types of dresses. Dresses add an element of extra chicness to any woman, and come in various styles that can suit all shapes and sizes. Like blue jeans, dresses never go out of fashion. While seasonal fashions change, dresses are worn nowadays even in fall or winter, along with leggings, pants, and boots. Fashion experts recommend that a dress (especially an LBD or a little black dress), should be the staple of every woman’s wardrobe.

    There are many things to consider while choosing to buy a dress. Firstly, the fashion prevailing in the current season is important. Moreover, the trending colors of the season are also important. Bright colors are for summers, while pastels are for winters. The material and design should also be considered. You must check if people are wearing short or long dresses, or knitted or cotton. You do not want to make the wrong choice and stick out like a sore thumb. However, more important than the prevailing fashion is your personal choice. You must give importance to your body type and skin color to understand what kind of clothes enhance your natural beauty. This is more crucial than blindly following trends. You must be comfortable in your skin while wearing a dress. Thirdly, you must consider whether you are buying a dress for casual wear or for an occasion. The type of dress you will wear to a picnic would be different from the gorgeous evening dress you will wear to a cocktail party or to attend a friend’s wedding. Last but not the least, you should remember and respect your budget. An evening dress can turn out to be more expensive than you thought.

    If you are looking for affordable but trendy women clothing, then look no further than Giorgio West. Their lovely dresses are inspired by New York street style of the season and at the same time, does not burn a hole in your pocket. The brand has dresses to suit a variety of occasions like party dresses, club dresses, and evening dresses as well as for casual wear like mini dresses, maxi dresses, knitted dresses, and much more. There are dresses for both work and leisure.

    Steal hearts this season with trendy dresses from Giorgio West!

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  • Look Gorgeous with Trendy Women’s Accessories!

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    Women have been using accessories since time immemorial to enhance their appearance. Across all cultures, we find women picking out the best accessories to match with their clothes and to complete an outfit. Many famous women like Princess Diana and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy were known for their great sense of style, and using accessories only added charm to their already existing elegance. Who can forget Jackie’s famous scarves and Princess Diana’s lovely shoes and jewelry? However, in order to flaunt trendy women accessories correctly, one must make the correct choice of accessories. For instance, no woman would dream of carrying a shiny party clutch to office, or a laptop bag to a wedding. Thus, selecting the right accessories from an affordable brand is extremely crucial for a sophisticated, stylish woman.
    The most popular accessory for a woman is a handbag. According to Linda Grant’s novel The Thoughtful Dresser, handbags are a feminist article because women started carrying them as they came out by themselves in public places. Most women like to carry handbags while commuting because it is a convenient way of keeping their cosmetics, handkerchiefs, mirrors and other necessary stuff. While the oversized handbag is the most preferred style for daily use, small clutches that can barely hold a lipstick and an iPhone are the choices for attending an evening party.
    Another popular accessory for women is jewelry. Jewelry includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and anklets, among others. These pieces can be made of different material like gold, silver, alloy, wood, plastic, glass etc. and are available in a variety of designs and colors. Here, too, the occasion would be important. For office wear, jewelry should be kept to a minimum whereas for party wear, dangling earrings and dazzling necklaces are the order of the day.
    Scarves and stoles also form great accessories and can add chicness to a simple dress, especially during the fall and winter seasons.
    A wonderful and affordable brand for trendy women accessories is Giorgio West. The brand has accessories for both office and party wear. For office, you can carry an Eva Handbag or a Diana Handbag, whereas for an evening out, you can choose the beautiful Claire Silver Rhinestone Hard Shell Clutch. Further, adorn yourself with the Faux Bar Layer necklace and Fringe Drop Earrings. These are only a few among their myriad choices!
    Go for elegant accessories from Giorgio West and look gorgeous!

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  • 5 Fashion Trends for This Summer That You Need To Be Wearing Right Now

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    The summer season is well and truly underway now and everyone is eagerly waiting to embrace some of the biggest fashion trends that will dominate the scene in 2017. The cold shoulder trend is expected to hold its own for this season along with deconstructed shirts. Party wear from the 80s is expected to make a return while the slogan t-shirt will be the new go-to element as far as wardrobe essentials are concerned.

    We have come up with 5 of the hottest catwalk trends that we believe will be the biggest influencing factors not only for wardrobe choices but also for women’s designer tops and dresses.

    • ‘80s party style: Remember the time when one-shoulder dress, disco leggings, and metallic were in vogue? It’s time for a nostalgic dip back into the era of the ‘80s. What you get in this style is a purely night-time attire that the shy types would do well to stay away from.
    • New utility: Fashion with function is all the rage dominating the fashion scene in 2017. There has been a realization among the designers that women have a lot more to do these days, which has made work-wear inspired pieces a big hit on the ramp. Muted shades and relaxed shapes are the highlights of this 2017 summer fashion trend.
    • Slogans & logos: So many were wrong in their assessment of this fashion trend! The slogan tee was there all along and it is here to stay for as long as people can see. T-shirts that have a significant political stance seem to be all the rage at the moment. This summer, let your T-shirt do all the talking!
    • The deconstructed shirt: The trusty shirt is going nowhere, Amen! In fact, it has become more interesting than ever before. While the off-shoulder trend is still dominating proceedings, cropped shirts, peek-a-boo cut-outs, over-sized sleeves, and ruffles are fast entering the runway. So let’s make things official: Shirts are not going to be “boring” this summer.
    • Wallpaper print: If the early signs are anything to go by, head-to-toe floral prints will be a big draw for this season. Floral prints, it seems, are a groundbreaking design after all.

    When paired up with trendy women accessories, these summer fashion trends can look really amazing. Which one do you think will be the standout performer for this year? The comments section is for you to have your say!

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  • Leather Dustbags Impersonating As Clutches: A Stretch Too Far For Accessory Brands?

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    You probably have a rough idea of what a handbag is – maybe you were given a lesson on one by your mom when you were too busy pawing at hers as a kid. The idea must have been largely reinforced down the year's thanks to constant association of the word with the physical entity that it is supposed to represent.

    However, just as the debate as to whether a hot dog can be regarded as a sandwich has led to seemingly endless skirmishes on social media platforms, today we are faced with this very potent question: Has a drawstring pouch suddenly become a clutch simply because it is made of leather and can we regard it as a handbag?

    Considering that this is a strapless, structure-less drawstring pouch that can carry your belongings, it may be regarded as a handbag. If defined further, you may call it a “small leather product” at best but do they really have the right to crop up in handbag sections the way they have been doing in recent times? Moreover, will the fashion-conscious section of society actually opt for these? The very idea of luxury bags revolves around buying something that is carefully crafted and of substantial value – even the little zipper pouches riding inside larger bags possess some semblance of hardware and structure.

    The leather pouches, on the other hand, are reminiscent of something else that accompanies trendy clutches – a dustbag! Made of thin cotton, it is mainly responsible for shielding fine leather against dust and sunlight and is gathered at the top by a pull tie. While the situation surrounding these faux-clutches is not clear, the only good thing about them is that they are cheap.

    A less critical analysis would probably throw some light on the appeal of these products. Clutches paired with modern dresses for women send out a message that you are someone who has succeeded in unburdening yourself from most of the drudgery the world has to contend with. A drawstring pouch probably takes it to the logical extreme: you have reached such an extreme level of comfort that you require only a couple of swatches of crudely-fastened leather to hold all your earthly needs together!

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  • 3 Must-Have Plus Size Dresses for Summer

    Posted by Nick Patel

    Summer is right around the corner and that means changing up your wardrobe to from warm cardigans and jeans to cool summer dresses. For curvy girls, shedding clothing and bearing skin can be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be! We have compiled a list of 3 must have plus size dresses for summer that will flatter your figure and keep you cool and fashionable all summer long.

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