Summer Fashion Advice

With summers approaching, it is time to stuff all those old cardigans of yours away and get your style quotient up as you dress for summer.

When buying for the hot season, there are some very basic tips that you need to keep in mind. Wear light clothes… that phrase ‘light, summery frocks’ could not be apter. Light frocks, thin materials, and flowing cuts, as well as light colors, are some of the best options for the summer to help keep you cool and looking your best.

Summer Fashion Clothings

Abstract prints are a great option. If you feel that you would like to detract some attention from your figure and any extra weight gained over winter, the lines could help you cover up! That does not mean that plain, one color dresses are not great to wear. Crochet and lace tops paired with plain jeans, white or black are great options and another fun wear for summer days.

The proverbial black dresses are just perfect especially for a formal evening out. These come in various styles which could be chosen from depending on your body type or your destination! For myself, I prefer short lengths for I feel that paired with a pair of high heels they look simply great! That does not mean that all other colors are out. Pale yellows, blues, and pinks are all amazing shades this season… and of course, white is just as great a classic as black.

The lengths of the dress can be both short (with romper style suits) and full-length (with maxi style dresses) or go midi length if you feel that is you! Sleeveless, strapless, off- shoulder or with spaghetti straps are all classic styles that will look good this time of the year.

Melissa Kennedy is a blogger and freelance professional. She has a passion for fashion, fitness, and technology and takes her inspiration from the people she meets while traveling the globe. Melissa has written articles for tea companies, fitness giants, and fashion sites, such as Giorgio West.