5 Fashion Trends for This Summer That You Need To Be Wearing Right Now

The summer season is well and truly underway now and everyone is eagerly waiting to embrace some of the biggest fashion trends that will dominate the scene in 2017. The cold shoulder trend is expected to hold its own for this season along with deconstructed shirts. Party wear from the 80s is expected to make a return while the slogan t-shirt will be the new go-to element as far as wardrobe essentials are concerned.

We have come up with 5 of the hottest catwalk trends that we believe will be the biggest influencing factors not only for wardrobe choices but also for women’s designer tops and dresses.

  • ‘80s party style: Remember the time when one-shoulder dress, disco leggings, and metallic were in vogue? It’s time for a nostalgic dip back into the era of the ‘80s. What you get in this style is a purely night-time attire that the shy types would do well to stay away from.
  • New utility: Fashion with function is all the rage dominating the fashion scene in 2017. There has been a realization among the designers that women have a lot more to do these days, which has made work-wear inspired pieces a big hit on the ramp. Muted shades and relaxed shapes are the highlights of this 2017 summer fashion trend.
  • Slogans & logos: So many were wrong in their assessment of this fashion trend! The slogan tee was there all along and it is here to stay for as long as people can see. T-shirts that have a significant political stance seem to be all the rage at the moment. This summer, let your T-shirt do all the talking!
  • The deconstructed shirt: The trusty shirt is going nowhere, Amen! In fact, it has become more interesting than ever before. While the off-shoulder trend is still dominating proceedings, cropped shirts, peek-a-boo cut-outs, over-sized sleeves, and ruffles are fast entering the runway. So let’s make things official: Shirts are not going to be “boring” this summer.
  • Wallpaper print: If the early signs are anything to go by, head-to-toe floral prints will be a big draw for this season. Floral prints, it seems, are a groundbreaking design after all.

When paired up with trendy women accessories, these summer fashion trends can look really amazing. Which one do you think will be the standout performer for this year? The comments section is for you to have your say!