Leather Dustbags Impersonating As Clutches: A Stretch Too Far For Accessory Brands?

You probably have a rough idea of what a handbag is – maybe you were given a lesson on one by your mom when you were too busy pawing at hers as a kid. The idea must have been largely reinforced down the year's thanks to constant association of the word with the physical entity that it is supposed to represent.

However, just as the debate as to whether a hot dog can be regarded as a sandwich has led to seemingly endless skirmishes on social media platforms, today we are faced with this very potent question: Has a drawstring pouch suddenly become a clutch simply because it is made of leather and can we regard it as a handbag?

Considering that this is a strapless, structure-less drawstring pouch that can carry your belongings, it may be regarded as a handbag. If defined further, you may call it a “small leather product” at best but do they really have the right to crop up in handbag sections the way they have been doing in recent times? Moreover, will the fashion-conscious section of society actually opt for these? The very idea of luxury bags revolves around buying something that is carefully crafted and of substantial value – even the little zipper pouches riding inside larger bags possess some semblance of hardware and structure.

The leather pouches, on the other hand, are reminiscent of something else that accompanies trendy clutches – a dustbag! Made of thin cotton, it is mainly responsible for shielding fine leather against dust and sunlight and is gathered at the top by a pull tie. While the situation surrounding these faux-clutches is not clear, the only good thing about them is that they are cheap.

A less critical analysis would probably throw some light on the appeal of these products. Clutches paired with modern dresses for women send out a message that you are someone who has succeeded in unburdening yourself from most of the drudgery the world has to contend with. A drawstring pouch probably takes it to the logical extreme: you have reached such an extreme level of comfort that you require only a couple of swatches of crudely-fastened leather to hold all your earthly needs together!